The electronic components like Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) described in this document are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and need to be handled with high care in static controlled environments. It is strongly recommended to follow the general handling practices for ESD sensitive parts, that include, but are not limited to, the following points: 

  • Treat all PCBs and components as ESD sensitive
  • Assume that you will damage the PCB or component if you are not ESD conscious 
  • Handling areas must be equipped with a grounded table, floor mats and wrist strap 
  • A relative humidity level must be maintained between 20% and 80% non-condensing 
  • PCBs should not be removed from their protective package, except in a static controlled location 
  • PCBs must be handled only after personnel have grounded themselves via wrist straps and mats 
  • PCBs or components should never come in contact with clothing
  • Try to handle all PCBs only by their edges, preventing contact with any components.

FRAMOS is not responsible for any damages caused by ESD on customer side.