The FSM Ecosystem consists of FRAMOS Sensor Modules, Adapters, Software and Sources, and provides one coherent solution supporting the whole process of integrating image sensors into embedded vision products.  

During the evaluation and proof-of-concept phase, off-the-shelf sensor modules with a versatile adapter framework allow the connection of latest image sensor technology to open processing platforms, like the NVIDIA Jetson TX2, AGX Xavier or the standard. Reference drivers and sample applications deliver images immediately after installation, supporting V4L2 and an optional derivate API providing comfortable integration. Within the development phase, electrical design references and driver sources guide with a solid and proven baseline to quickly port into individual system designs and extend scope, while decreasing risk and efforts.  


The figure above shows a compatibility map for all components  inside the Ecosystem. Every hardware and connection displayed in Orange or blue operates with proprietary (Sub-LVDS, SLVS) or standardized (SLVS-EC) LVDS data, that requires further attention to the physical processing of the image data by either data conversion or specific FPGA know-how and IP. Users of MIPI CSI-2 based processing systems are supported by FSM specific data conversion located on dedicated FRAMOS Sensor Adapters (FSAs). MIPI CSI-2 hardware and connections are displayed in GREEN.