FRAMOS  provides  sensors  on  modules  with  standardized connectors and mechanical design. The design is based on almost 20 years of camera design  experience.  Each  module  has  been  fully  ested  and  is  verified  by several customers.  It contains all components required at the imager. Power generation, clock generation, and trigger logic are separated. This allows the customer to decide  where  this  part  is  positioned  within  the  system, and to protect the sensor from heat and disturbances.

Key Benefits

Sensor Modules

  • Image  sensors  on  PCB  with  connector,  off-the-shelf
  • Large lineup with resolutions from 0.4 to 24 MP rolling shutter and global shutter imagers
  • All sensors available with MIPI CSI-2 (D-PHY) output
  • Converter  boards  for  SubLVDS and SLVS imagers 
  • Standardized mechanics featuring small footprints of 26.5 x 26.5 mm² and 28 x 28 mm² 

Adapter Boards

  • Better  results  -  less  impact  on  image  quality  by  neighboring components
  • Less  redundancy  -  customer  can  place  the  module   on   their   mainboard   and   use   existing   resources;  proofed electrical  references  are provided
  • Flexibility - customer can add further functionality without touching the sensor implementation
  • “All-on-one-board customization“ - is possible as soon as the design concept has been fixed by the customer