Below you can find a list of materials and services that are available as part of the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem. 


  • FRAMOS Sensor Module Development Kits 
  • Individual Parts: 
    • FRAMOS Sensor Modules 
    • FRAMOS Sensor Adapters 
    • FRAMOS Processor Adapters 
    • FRAMOS Module Accessories (Cables, Mounts) 

Software (part of the Development Kit) 

  • Software Package for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, Nano, TX2and Xavier NX
  • Software Package for DragonBoard 410c (96Boards)
  • Xilinx FPGA reference implementation for SLVS-EC(Sony IMX421, IMX530)

Design Sources 

  • Software Driver Sources 
  • Electrical References for FSA, FPA (Schematics) 

Design Services 

  • Off-the-shelf hardware customization including size, shape, connector and extended functionality
  • Software customization and extension
    • Additional processor board support
    • Furthersensor features and image (pre-)processing
  • Integration of additional sensors
  • Optimization for volume production
  • Lens assemblyand alignment
  • System/solution development
  • Productionandintegration

Note: You can find the specification and compatibility of each item in the KB Article. Electrical design sources and services are only provided on individual project basis and are defined with the customer. They are not included in the purchase of any Development Kit or individual component.