All Development Kits come pre-assembled. It is only required to connect the FSM, FSA and Flex Cable assembly to the FPA and attach it to the appropriate Processor Board. 

Required Materials 

FRAMOS Sensor Module Development Kit or individual components: 

  • FSM-xxxxxx 
  • FSA-FTxx/A 
  • FPA-4.A/TXA 
  • FMA-FC-150/60 
  • M12 lens mount (optional)


1. Add M12 lens mount (optional) 

Prior to assembling the FSM to the FSA, screw an optional M12 lens mount to the FSM. 

Fitting screws are provided with the lens mount. If assembling a 3rd-party mount, please check the hole diameters for the specific module in its technical drawings to select fitting screws. 


2. Connect FSM and FSA 

Connect the FSM to the FSA, by pressing the two 60 pin connectors together. Watch carefully for the correct connector orientation and the match of both "Pin1". 

 Fix the mechanical connection by using the provided screws with distance holders and nuts between both boards. In case of an C/CS-mount, screw the board stack into the lens mount mechanics instead of using the nuts. 

3. Add Flex Cable 

Connect the FSM, FSA stack via the connector on the rear side of the FSA to the appropriate side of the FMA-FC-150/60 flex cable. 

Caution: Direct connection of FSM to FPA (without FSA) or wrong cable orientation will lead to permanent damage of FSM, Adapters or the Processor Board!   

4. Connect to FPA 

Connect the other side of the flex cable to a sensor connector on the FPA. According to the available sensor interface count, multiple FSM+FSA assemblies can be connected. 


With processor boards like the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Development Kit, the FPA provides access to only two MIPI CSI-2 lanes each on FSM3 (J7) and FSM4 (J8). This might lead to restrictions in combination with some FSMs. For compatibility, please review. 

Caution: Direct connection of FSM to FPA (without FSA) or wrong cable orientation will lead to permanent damage of FSM, Adapters or the Processor Board!


5. Final Assembly 

Remove the power supply of the processor board and connect the complete assembly to the processor board. Follow the guidelines of the processor board manufacturer for the appropriate camera connector. 

Figure 2: Correct orientation of Flex Cable in an example Multi-Sensor Setup (NVIDIA Jetson)  

Power up the processing board and start the software setup.