Connect the camera to the computer or network using a suitable Cat5E or Cat6 cable and apply power to the camera. 

Note: The host computer will not display a "Found New Hardware" notification with a GigE camera. 

In a point-to-point connection, unplugging the camera may cause the host to display a "network connection unplugged" message.

Prior to utilizing a GigE Camera, an IP address must be assigned to the GigE NIC card and the GigE camera. Typically, this will happen automatically using either DHCP or LLA.

To assign an IP address to your NIC card, please see: How to Assign an IP Address to the Network Adapter in the PC.

To assign an IP address to your D400e camera, follow these instructions.

  1. To manually set the IP address, use the FRAMOS ConfigureIp Tool. This tool can be found in "C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\CameraSuite\tool" under Windows and "/usr/src/framos/camerasuite/Tools" under Ubuntu.  

Note: It can take several minutes for the Network Interface Card to recognize a newly connected camera. During this time, the list of available cameras will be blank.  In this case, wait approximately 30 seconds and try to rescan again. 

Make note of the IP Address of the NIC in the NIC Settings section of the dialog. The Camera Settings section should have an IP Address similar to the NIC card. Complete the Camera IP Address using numbers that are different than the IP Address of the NIC. For example, in the dialog above, the Camera IP Address could be set to

Your D400e GigE camera is now ready for use.