The FRAMOS Sensor Modules are printed circuit boards, interfacing various types of image sensors with standardized connectivity like connector type, pinout, mechanical format and compatible accessories. The target is to provide various sensor boards that can be used ‘off the shelf’ to connect a variety of image sensors to a host system. Starting from evaluation and proof-of-concept, but also in mass production where adjustments to actual needs are easily possible.

The following chapter provides information on the generic attributes as well as the individual modules, in addition to the individual FSM datasheets.

Common Specification

In general, FSMs are differentiated by two main attributes:

  • Image sensor size dependent mechanical footprint (26.5 mm, 28 mm)
  • Data interface type specific pinout (MIPI CSI-2, LVDS)

To check the generic 26.5mm footprint >> follow this LINK

To check the generic 28mm footprint >> follow this LINK

Note: All image sensor signals are routed directly from sensor tothe 60-pinconnector. All passives visible on the PCB decouple the various  power  loadsof  the  image  sensor. Please  referto  the appropriate image  sensor documentation for further information.