If you are testing the D400e Cameras on your Windows machine you might have performance issues or an issues where frames are stop being received.

To get best experience with D435e camera is recommended to use freshly installed Linux machine, however there are some ways to improve it also on Windows:

  • First, please make sure you are using latest software release (to check for the latest software please visit the following LINK)
  • Some applications, like Microsoft Teams and Outlook,  negatively affect stream smoothness so please stop them (in task manager to be sure)
  • Go to network adapter properties, hit Configure, in Advanced tab choose Receive Buffers and Jumbo packets and set them both to maximal value. 
  • Set CPU affinity to last 2 cores:
    start RealSense Viewer, open task manager, in Details tab right-click on realsense-viewer.exe and select Set affinity, select cores 2 and 3, leave first two unselected