The following guideline resumes what is the needed information that our technical support team expect, when a case is reported to


Problem description:

More details usually means less additional questions and less time required to start debugging and finding a solution.
For example:

If "images are corrupt", then we need the corrupted image attached to see it, not just info that there are "corrupted images".

Information to be provided:

Host PC details

  • Which OS and version
  • If Linux, provide output of command <uname -a>

Camera Info (for each camera):

  • Model
  • Device version
  • IP address and IP address configuration (Static, DHCP, LLA)

Camera settings

  • Resolution and Framerate
  • Stream channels used (RBG, Depth, IR)?
  • packet size
  • inter-packet delay
  • Jumbo frames

Hardware Setup

  • How many cameras are being used?
  • How cameras are connected to host PC?


  • Framos Software Package D400e version
  • Wrappers >>[Python] Which python version is installed in the Host PC?

Any special configuration
App running in Docker container?