Within the Software package there is an additional component called "Framos Camera Suite". This set contains some tools, one of them can be used to update the firmware of the D400e camera series.

The tool is called <UpdateFirmware> and can be found in the following path:


  • Windows 10: C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\CameraSuite\tools\
  • Linux (Ubuntu 18.04): /usr/src/framos/camerasuite/Tools/



  • Download the latest firmware for the camera >> LINK
  • Copy the Firmware file to the path described before
  • Make sure the firewall is disabled temporarily on the host machine to unblock longer UDP transactions

Single camera procedure:

Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

  • Open a terminal and go to the path described before
cd /usr/src/framos/camerasuite/Tools/
./UpdateFirmware FRAMOS_D435e_r1111_v1_7_0_0.fw_update
  • Select the index of the camera you want to update. Follow on-screen instrucctions.

Windows 10

  • Go to the path C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\CameraSuite\tools\
  • Double click on the file UpdateFirmware.exe
  • Select the index of the camera you want to update. Follow on-screen instrucctions.

Mulptiple cameras procedure:

During multiple camera firmware update use the same command line to launch the process as described before, but instead of typing a number for the index, type “all” to select the entire batch listed. Then filter out a small batch by selecting the index numbers. Follow the on-screen instructions for further steps.

It is highly recommended to first update a smaller batch of devices. 





Firmware update process always stops at the same point.

Firewall is blocking longer UDP transactions.

Disable the firewall temporarily during firmware update.

Cannot connect to D435e camera with assigned IP address. 

The camera is not streaming. The availability status is showing “No”

Please refer to “Steps of system setup (PoE), 3” to configure IP address  

After Updating Camera is recognized as RS Generic
Proccess stop or is stoped by user
Follow solution article > LINK