It is recommend to use a static IP address for the camera, if you dont use a static IP address the camera will then search for a DHCP server and then fail to a LLA IP address if it failed it get one from a DHCP server.


NIC Configuration on Linux - Ubuntu 18.04

On the top right menu click on the networking symbol, select wired connected then click on Wired settings. Finally press the settings button 

On the settings click on the IPV4 tab and select the manual option. 

Input the IP settings for the LLA Address  as follows:

Finally click on Apply to save the changes

NIC Configuration on Windows 10

Open the Control Panel from the Windows® icon in the lower left corner of your monitor. In the Control Panel window, make sure View by is set to Category

Click Network and Internet. Then Network and Sharing Center.

Click Change adapter settings in the left pane.

Right click on the Ethernet connection then select properties

Select internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click on properties

In the properties window select use the following IP address and input a LLA address

Finally click on “ok” and then close the windows