The following article will provide an answer to the following questions:

Error Message "Cannot connect to RS_Generic camera..."

The camera is being recognized as “RS_Generic” by the ConfigureIP tool?

The firmware update failed, now the camera is recognized as “RS_Generic”

These type of error messages are normally caused when there is an issue with the firmware. What happens is that the internal camera process (watchdog timer) will restart the camera into the factory RS_Generic firmware. Please note that the camera will not stay in RS_Generic firmware permanently but will try to load the camera firmware after a short period of time. If the camera where not fully Updated it remains in RS_Generic.

When this firmware load fails, the camera will not be recognized as a D435e camera by the RealSense viewer or our software tools. To resolve this firmware issue in the camera, please proceed with the following recommendations:

  1. Remove the camera from any robust setup
  2. Connect the camera directly to the host PC
  3. Use the power supply via M8 connector
  4. Disable, temporarily the firewall on the host PC
  5. Update the Firmware with the FirmwareUpdate tool

If the steps before still don’t work

  • Please try the steps above in another PC
  • Please try downloading the firmware file again (LINK) and update it again

If all suggested steps still won't work, please use bellow procedure. Notice that this steps should be used carrefully, as it could result in unusable camera if not used properly (we don't take responsibility for misshandling this workaround):

  • Make sure the firewall is disabled before firmware update.
  • Unplug and plug in the camera, i.e power cycle the camera
  • Add -force to the end of the command line for update and execute it.
    • for example: ./UpdateFirmware firmware/FRAMOS_D435e_r1111_v1_11_0_0.fw_update -force
  • The rest of procedure remains the same as normal updating.

If at the end of the day none of steps above were successful, please contact support at