To support a smooth start and unburden developers from starting from scratch, the Software Pack, along with the Framos Module hardware, provides reference drivers for all sensors on selected processor platforms. The focus is to enable a quick start demonstrating the implementation of the fundamental functions that are required to utilize the sensor and receive one or multiple image streams.


What the software package and driver are:  

  • A reference for a custom sensor implementation
  • Demonstrating how to use the required interfaces  
  • Demonstrating how to communicate with the image sensor
  • Demonstrating how to generaly initialize and configure the image sensor
  • Provide initial image streaming output to the user space
  • Demonstrating how to run basic image processing on pixel data


What it is not:

  • A fully featured camera implementation - not all sensors features might be implemented
  • Ready to be use in the field
  • A benchmark for the capabilities of the image sensor
  • Focused on image processing


Note: The application specific finalization of the driver can then happen seamlessly on project base by the customer or FRAMOS, extending or porting the Software Pack utilizing the provided driver sources.


Supported Processor Platforms

The table below shows which platforms are supported by the standard driver package, and how many FSMs can at maximum be operated in parallel.