On Linux

Default configuration

In terminal:

sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install --assume-yes ./*.deb

  • DEBIAN_FRONTEND - environment variable, uses default configuration without prompting.
  • --assume-yes - apt-get flag, installs dependencies without prompting

Custom configuration

  • Install prerequisites

            sudo apt install debconf-utils

  • List configuration options (package must be installed):

            debconf-get-selection | grep <package_name>

  • Set one of the options before proceeding with unattended installation:

            sudo echo <package_name> <option_name> <option_type> <option_value> | sudo debconf-set-selections


Silently installing FRAMOS CameraSuite without driver:

sudo apt install debconf-utils

sudo echo framoscamerasuite camerasuite/gigeinstall bollean false | sudo debconf-set-selections

sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install --assume-yes ./FRAMOS_CameraSuite_*.deb


On Windows

FRAMOS_CameraSuite_*.exe package

.\FRAMOS_CameraSuite_V4_3_0_0_x64.exe /SILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES

Note: This will display installation progress in the GUI, but will not ask for any user input.

For unattended installation without the GUI:


For full list of available installation options: 

.\FRAMOS_CameraSuite_V4_3_0_0_x64.exe / ?

Same options can be used with C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\CameraSuite\unins001.exe to uninstall thepackage silently:


Installation detects if the package is already installed and removes it before proceeding with installation. Because of this, an automated script does not have to perform manual uninstall before installing a new package version.


FRAMOS-librealsense2-*.exe package

.\FRAMOS-librealsense2-2.33.14-Win64_x64.exe /S

Note: This will not display anything, just install the package in background.

Same option can be used with C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\librealsense2\Uninstall.exe to uninstall thepackage silently:

.\Uninstall.exe /S

Installation does not detect if the package is already installed and simply overwrites the files of the previousinstallation. Because of this, an automated script should perform installation manually before installing a newpackage version.

NOTE: The two packages behave differently because the are generated using different tools. CameraSuite installation isgenerated using InnoSetup. librealsense2 package is generated using CMake NSIS generator.