To be able to understand where the best places are to find information in internet, is important to notice first what is the overview of our FRAMOS Software package. As it can be seen in the picture below the Framos SDK is almost the same as the intel SDK:

For instance

  • FRAMOS SDK version is few versions behind latest Intel® SDK version.
  • FRAMOS Software package also includes GigE filter driver called CameraSuite
  • FRAMOS Firmware that provides the low-level control for d400e series specific hardware.

As both SDK are pretty much similar, most of the information in internet related the intel SDK can be applied to FRAMOS cameras. Here you will find a list of useful links and references when it comes to further information about the Librealsense2 and FRAMOS D400e camera series:


FRAMOS Websites and Documentation

D400e API extensions documentation that provides an overview of extensions to the librealsense2 API implemented to support D400e cameras. The file is included in the software package installation:

On Windows: 

C:\Program Files\FRAMOS\librealsense2\src\

On Linux: 


Direct Intel Websites

            Some relevant white papers and applications notes.