The easiest way to check if the camera is fully operational is through the Realsense-viewer. However, it is not enough just to install the Framos Software Package, plug and play the camera.

In most of the cases the reason of this message is because the overall bandwidth in the gigabit ethernet is exceeded. For instance, one camera streaming with Depth (1280x720@30FPS) and RGB (1980x1080@30FPS) streams can easily surpass the available bandwidth from an 1Gbit/s link. The more cameras are involved in the same system the less bandwidth available to send all the frames right on time. When the time waiting for a frame is higher than the expected, the error “No frames received” appears:

To make sure this message does not appear, please follow these recommendations:

  • Asses the amount of data to be sent in the link in combination with the available bandwidth. The recommendation is that one camera should have at least 1Gbit/s for its own. For more details about Data Rate and Bandwidth please read this article >> How to estimate the data rate?.
  • Check the ethernet settings in the Host PC, switch if available, and tune them. For more details, please follow the recommendations of these Appnote >> Tuning System For Best Performance