Following article provides instructions on how to integrate the HALCON RealSense image acquisition interface with the FRAMOS Intel D400e camera series. This interface enables the possibility to acquire images from RealSense devices.


RealSense image acquisition interface Installation 

Download the HALCON Realsense interface from following LINK

Unzip the downloaded file. Further copy the “bin” and “genicam” folders into the HALCON base directory %HALCONROOT%.

Finally copy the “realsense2.dll” from the Framos Realsense base directory into the HALCON base directory (bin/x64-win64/ folder)

Getting started

Once the DLLs are in place, now its time to start the HALCON Software. Open the image acquisition tool by clicking on the camera icon

In the source tab make sure to select the RealSense Interface. If everything was properly set the interface can be seen in the list.

Go to the connection tab and select the camera from devices. Then click on connect. 

NOTE: Make sure to check before with the Framos Software tools that the camera is properly recognized by the operative system.

Up to this point a live stream can be started by clicking in the "live" botton. This is a good way to test if the frames are been grabbed by the HALCON software. An example of the live preview can be seen in the picture below:

Further Steps

Inside the interface zip file a set of examples can be found. These files helps as reference for further development. For example running the example “realsense_objectmodel3d.hdev”, such an output can be obtained, where the user can move around with mouse the 3D view:


The following comments current limitations found during testing the interface

  • No configuration of the resolution is possible
  • No multiple live stream using Image Acquisition tool (It streams the last selected camera)
  • No Software trigger possible

Further information about other limitations can be found in the documentation from HALCON interface as well.