April 10, 2024

Customers operating D400e camera with point cloud processing would require using Realsense SDK (Window Version).

In some cases, especially on camera operation requiring high bandwidth or multiple camera synchronization, the point cloud processing would demand high computing-intensive task on the CPU.  To address such demand, offloading the processing to the GPU by means of CUDA could be helpful.    

How to enable CUDA?

On a PC host, customer would need to build librealsense2 from source with CUDA enabled.

Refer to another KB article on the general guidance on building SDK from source: How to Build the FRAMOS Realsense™ SDK (Windows Version)

Additional pre-requisite:  CUDA Toolkit is installed and environment is properly configured:  CUDA Toolkit - Free Tools and Training | NVIDIA Developer 

Additional step: Make sure to enable BUILD_WITH_CUDA flag