In general, the required bandwidth for a camera interface depends on the number of cameras used, captured images per second, the resolution and the data format, this all can be summarized in the following formula:

Data Rate = Resolution * Frame rate * number of bytes per pixel

However, as the D400e camera series uses more than one type of data formats (depth, rgb and infrared), the total required bandwidth is the sum of all data rates for each stream, therefore the final calculation can proceed as follows:

Data Ratetotal = Data Ratedepth + Data Rateinfrared1 + Data Rateinfrared2 + Data Ratergb

It’s important to have in mind that the theoretical maximum throughput on a Gigabit Ethernet link is 125MB/s. Also notice the formula above does not include the overhead in the link, which also impacts in the link’s Bandwith.

To know how many bytes per pixel does have every data format, please follow the table below:

Stream Type

BPP (Bytes/pixel)









Example 1:

Calculation for the following configuration for 1 camera:

  • Depth 640x480@30fps with both infrared streams enabled
  • RGB 640x480@30fps 

Data Ratetotal = (2*640*480*30)depth + (1*640*480*30)infrared1 + (1*640*480*30)infrared2 + (2*640*480*30)rgb

Data Ratetotal = 55296000 Bytes/s >> 55.30MB/s

Example 2:

Calculation for the following configuration for 1 camera:

  • Depth 848x480@30fps with infrared streams disabled
  • RGB 1280x720@30fps 

Data Ratetotal = (2*848*480*30)depth + (2*1280*720*30)rgb

Data Ratetotal = 79718400 Bytes/s >> 79.72MB/s


The excel file attached contains a calculator preconfigured. Please use it to calculate quick and easy the data rate to know the required bandwidth.